Z-Choice International, LLC

Z-Choice International was founded in the U.S. by two Fortune 500 company executives with strong networking in both America and Asia, especially in China.  

What differentiates us from others is our "one-stop shopping" full service that we have reinforced through our many years of global business development and management expertise. We have first-hand experience in exporting, importing, regulatory handling, brand creation, product innovation, manufacturing selection, digital marketing, multiple channel sales, and government dealing with other countries.

To ensure world class services, we only select a few premier product and service providers as our business partners. Furthermore, all of our clients are carefully screened through our trusted sourcing network.   

For example, we help small and middle sized American companies find the right manufacturing partners in China in order to streamline the supply chain and reduce costs. We also have connections with Chinese Elite business groups who are interested in expanding globally, and we work to connect them with the right partners in the U.S.