Z-Choice International, LLC

Exec Advisory Council

Leveraging our decades of food industry experience and outreaches, we work with other food, marketing and innovation industrial/academic experts/partners in a form of food innovation advisory council: FIEAC (North America Food and Health Innovation Executive Advisory Council).  

Through our FIEAC council, we provide collective consultations to small/medium size food companies to help them better leverage consumer and market insights to innovate new food products, optimize supply channels, and market their products.  Our consultations can be provided in various formats, including round table discussions, conference, focused educations/trainings on product innovation.  We are launching CEO Innovation Roundtable at 2019 FBIC, and GFIEP (Global Food Innovation Executive Program) at Daniels College of Business at University of Denver.  

我们创建的北美食品健康商业创新高级智囊团(FIEAC)将联手每日食品网Foodaily隆重推出全球新消费创新圆桌论坛@2019FBIC, 共同探讨当下全球经济体系重构、中国新消费大变局的背景下食品及健康领域的创新之道。

还将联手美国创新知名商学院丹佛大学丹尼斯商学院, 推出全球食品创新高管训练营(GFIEP), 以首席创新官及首席增长官为主要受众, 围绕食品, 饮料和健康领域的产品创新及商业研讨, 以课程讲习+企业访谈+市场深访的形式开展的高阶管理层的高级培训项目。