Z-Choice International, LLC


"I worked with Suzy transforming our organization to build robust functional innovation and commercialization capabilities. As the fastest growing food company in NA for 5 years in a row, balancing speed to market while rapidly building capability to grow the core and expand into new categories and countries became one of her core leadership traits. Suzy is a strong international technical and business leader who drives for results and leverages teams. She is a strong business and product innovator and knows how to leverage organization capability to enable speed to market and meet enterprise targets." - Wendy


"I have had the honor to know and work with Suzy for over a decade. I count her among the most impressive people that I have worked with. Suzy is a leader that combines deep technical skill, insightful business savvy with the ability to develop high performing teams that deliver the objective. My last project I worked with Suzy required her to develop and launch a new product initiative into a complex China market and channel. Despite resource constraints and significant competitive challengers Suzy exercised outstanding strategic judgement and leveraged conflicting consumer insights to deliver a winning product bundle that included concept, product, package and launch strategy. And she did this on time and within budget. I know Suzy has since moved to positions of greater responsibility where she continues this reputation of excellence."- James


Suzy is an Ambassador who can make connections happen and solve problems when others do not think it's possible. - Greg   

Dr. Chen has a fantastic balance of technical smarts and Business leadership skills. He has consistently demonstrated the ability to drive short and long term business priorities and champion innovation across organizations. He is a stand-up leader that will add value to any organization.”-David