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Leveraging our decades of food industry experience and outreaches, we work with other food, marketing and innovation industrial/academic experts/partners in a food innovation advisory council: FIEAC (North American Food & Health Innovation Executive Advisory Council).  

Our council is highly selective, with reputable executives in Food and Health Innovation and Research arenas.   It is an invitation-only advisory forum that provides proven innovation strategies and operational tactics to Chinese food and CPG executives who are in need of business innovation.  

Through our FIEAC council, we provide collective consultations to small/medium size food companies in order to help them better leverage consumer and market insights in innovating new food products, optimizing supply channels, and marketing their products. Our consultations can be provided in various formats, including round table discussions, conferences, and/or focused educations/trainings on product innovation.  

We offer opportunities for our council members to introduce their services or their brands/products to targeted business audiences and make desired introductions/connections. 


We also offer a Go-To-Market full service to help our council members establish their brands and expand in China. 

We have launched a CEO Innovation Roundtable at the 2019 FBIC (Food Beverage Innovation Conference) in Shanghai, China.  Representative key members of FIEAC attended the CEO club.

FIEAC Council Members

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We are launching the GFIEP (Global Food Innovation Executive Program) in July, partnering with the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver.  

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Each of our council members is invited based on his/her expertise and reputation in their respective fields.

Innovation Leaders

Our council members are Innovation Leaders!


We are proven leaders and connectors!

Check out our "FIEAC members" page for bios of current council members:

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If you and your company want to leverage our council's extensive knowledge and experience in Food and Health Innovation, please reach out to me at  Our advisory forum provides proven innovation strategies and operational tactics to Chinese food and CPG executives who are in need of business innovation. 


If you are an executive in food or health industry and have a passion to grow globally, please feel free to reach out to me and we'll discuss our compatibility. We are a group of highly selective innovation executives in food and health industries. The networking and business connection opportunities we created within the council are invaluable as well.


Suzy Zeng

Founder and Chair of FIEAC



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