FIEAC North America Food/Health Innovation Executive Advisory Council


Leveraging our decades of food industry experience and outreaches, we work with other food, marketing and innovation industrial/academic experts/partners in a form of food innovation advisory council: FIEAC (North America Food & Health Innovation Executive Advisory Council).  

Our council is highly selective with reputable executives in Food and Health Innovation and Research arena.   It is an invitation-only advisory forum that provides proven innovation strategies and operational tactics to Chinese food and CPG executives who are in need of business innovation.  

Through our FIEAC council, we provide collective consultations to small/medium size food companies to help them better leverage consumer and market insights to innovate new food products, optimize supply channels, and market their products.  Our consultations can be provided in various formats, including round table discussions, conferences, and/or focused educations/trainings on product innovation.  

We offer opportunities for our council members to introduce their services or their brands / products to targeted business audience and make desired introductions/connections. 


We also offer a Go-To-Market full services to help our council members establish their brands and expand in China. 

Upcoming events

We are launching CEO Innovation Roundtable at 2019 FBIC, and GFIEP (Global Food Innovation Executive Program) at Daniels College of Business at University of Denver.  

Our Partners