Z-Choice International, LLC

Z-Choice International, LLC.   美国佳选国际公司简介

Z-Choice International, LLC. is an US-China strategic business development firm based in Denver, USA. Our passion is to help connecting small and medium size businesses in US and China by providing a series strategic business services, from strategic planning, to product innovation, supply chain, distribution and sales. We have decades of corporate executive track records with Fortune 500 companies and experienced in international marketing strategy, brand building, product innovation, and business development.  


We help Chinese companies expand in US by strategically choosing the right regions and business types that fulfill the overall needs of our Chinese clients. We also help US companies expand into China by providing strategic analysis and leveraging our business connections in China. 

Why working with us? (1) We have the up-to-date marketing and consumer insights for both China and US. (2) We have built our business connections in both China and US over the years, so that we can help you directly reach the source and handle the complex processes. (3) We bring extensive US-China corporate executive experience to help you create business strategy and pave the way to grow your businesses. 美国佳选国际公司的特点: (1)对中美市场,竞品,消费者,和供应链系统有及时和整体的了解; (2)有多年在中美工作建立的业务关系,可以帮助简化复杂的商业环节; (3)利用我们长期国际公司经营的高管经验来帮助迅速规划策略及建立业务。

Z-Choice International is your choice for US-China business connections!  We have built our reputation as a trusting business partner with strong integrity. To explore businesses in US & China, contact us at z-choice@z-choice.com

Z-Choice® is Your Choice for US-China Business Connections!