Our Experience

Z-Choice International, LLC. is a US-China strategic business development firm based in Denver, USA. 

Our passion is to help connect small and medium size businesses in the US and in China by providing a series of strategic business services, from strategic planning to product innovation, supply chain, distribution and sales. 

We have decades of corporate executive track records with Fortune 500 companies and are experienced in international marketing strategy, brand building, product innovation, and business development.

Why Us?

* We bring extensive U.S.-China corporate executive experience to help you create business strategies and pave the way to grow your businesses globally.

* We have several decades of collective working experience at Fortune 500 companies in the U.S., and are familiar with Consumer Packaged Goods, especially Food Innovation and idea to market.

* We have first hand business development experience in China, with up-to-date marketing and consumer insights, and have helped U.S. companies build businesses in China.

*We have built trustworthy business relationships and connections in both China and the U.S. over the years, so that we can help you directly go to the source and handle the complex processes. We want to leverage our learning and successes to help you succeed globally!